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Pure Surveying

The role of the geospatial data manager

Discover the role the surveyor plays in every phase of the construction process. Diving deeper into the value that you, the surveyor provides to…

Latest technology to boost your productivity

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Our commitment to innovation ensures the latest technologies are easily deployed to ensure outstanding product performance and quality. We are not only dedicated to technology innovation but to moving your business forward.

Deliver geospatial data for roads & highways

Be faster, collaborate in the cloud, digitalise workflows and deliver the most accurate geospatial data in every phase of the construction lifecycle of highways and roads.

Shape how buildings are designed, built and maintained

Improve efficiency during all phases of building construction projects while keeping all stakeholders connected with CAD and BIM digital dataflows. Connect all elements, reduce risk and waste, prevent rework and increase safety.

Engineering Surveying solutions

Pure Surveying – Shaping every phase of construction

Geared with the right equipment, software and services, surveyors collect, visualise and manage geospatial data to deliver construction and civil engineering projects on time and within budget while reducing waste. Learn how you can add value in every phase of construction.


Resource Library

Explore customer success stories, blogs, on-demand webinars, videos and more. Pure Surveying content to learn, optimise and inspire you.

3D Laser scanning solutions for surveyors

Master every step of the 3D laser scanning workflow

Whether you are capturing, processing, extracting features or collaborating with your data, we provide a wide array of resources to help you get the most out of your 3D laser scanning solutions.

Monitoring for surveyors explained

Surveyors are measurement experts that can provide crucial insights about structural movements. Discover how surveyors can monitor any object through its lifecycle and obtain critical data using structural monitoring thus reducing risks by providing information.

Your surveying Partner

Your surveying partner

Only Leica Geosystems has 200 years of experience helping surveyors. Find out how we can support you with premium quality measuring and positioning solutions and services.

Get inspired to grow your business

Grow your business

Discover how embracing digitalisation with technologies and processes can support your business to create new opportunities, stay competitive and improve productivity.


Surveying Solutions

Regardless of how complex your task is, a solution is available within our diverse measuring, positioning and visualising portfolio to help you collaborate, be more efficient and succeed.

Unlock your potential by growing your survey skills

Improve your skills

Learn the skills to be more efficient and react to business opportunities. Unlock your potential to offer faster and more specialised services to your clients.

Laser Scanners


Improved safety, faster turnarounds, and easier access to accurate 3D facility documentation.

Cyclone 3DR in desktop


As the market leader in reality capture software, Leica Geosystems has pioneered products that enable users to capture, prepare, manage and analyse reality capture data…



Delivering outstanding range, speed and highest quality 3D data, Leica Geosystems laser scanners are the perfect partner for any tasks in 3D laser scanning.

Leica ScanStation Accessoires


Whatever accessory that you require for a job, you can select from a wide range of original accessories from Leica Geosystems.