The Interactive Disassembler is a disassembler for computer software which generates assembly language source code from machine-executable code. It supports a variety of executable formats for different processors and operating systems.

A powerful disassembler and a versatile debugger

IDA Pro as a disassembler is capable of creating maps of their execution to show the binary instructions that are actually executed by the processor in a symbolic representation (assembly language). Advanced techniques have been implemented into IDA Pro so that it can generate assembly language source code from machine-executable code and make this complex code more human-readable.

The debugging feature augmented IDA with the dynamic analysis. It supports multiple debugging targets and can handle remote applications. Its cross-platform debugging capability enables instant debugging, easy connection to both local and remote processes and support for 64-bit systems and new connection possibilities.

IDA a powerful disassembler and a versatile debugger

IDA Pro has become the de-facto standard for the analysis of hostile code, vulnerability research and commercial off-the-shelf validation

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IDA Pro allows the human analyst to override its decisions or to provide hints so that the analyst can work seamlessly and quickly with the disassembler and analyze binary code more intuitively.

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IDA Pro is a complete integrated development environment. It consists of a very powerful macro-like language (IDC or IDAPython) that can be used to automate simple to medium complexity tasks.

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IDA runs on all standard platforms and handles multiple processors. It can also load and disassembles virtually any file format and therefore augment its analysis speed.

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Open plug-in architecture

IDA’s functionalities can be easily extended by the use of programmable plug-ins. SDK is available for all registered IDA users.

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Lumina server

The Lumina server holds metadata (names, prototypes, operand types, …) about a large number of well-known functions and helps improve the disassembly listing through users’ search.

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Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology identifies standard function calls for many compilers. This technology allows IDA to recognize standard library functions generated by supported compilers and greatly improves the usability and readability of generated disassemblies.

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IDA Pro analyzes binaries in a matter of seconds.

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Thousands of test cases running on our server farm 24/7.

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We ensure the highest level of security for IDA.

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Substantial changes

Is to be expected in every release: new features, supported processors, etc which are all added after deliberation and discussion.

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IDA Pro minimum system requirements


currently supported x64 OS required (Windows 8 or later, Windows 11 or higher recommended).


x64 (x86_64) CentOS 7 or later, Ubuntu 16.04 or later. Other equivalent distributions may work but not guaranteed.


macOS Catalina or later (x64 or ARM64).