Magnet Forensics provides innovative digital forensics tools, empowering our customers to fulfill their mission, find new evidence, and uncover the truth.

Transform Your Approach to Digital Investigations

Our solutions help you close cases quickly with in-depth extractions and powerful analytics that unlock intelligence & insights.

Leverage powerful acquisition tools, automation, and the Cloud to optimize resources and enable remote collaboration at scale.

Driving Innovation to Unlock the Truth. Protect the Innocent.

Innovation is at the heart of everything Magnet Forensics does. Crime—whether cyber or cyber-enabled—is always evolving. That’s why we’re always finding ways to access data thoroughly, using Analytics to quickly make sense of information, utilizing automation to ensure no time is wasted, and making the most of the Cloud to reduce outdated dependencies. There’s simply too much at stake.


Magnet AXIOM: Recover and analyze all your evidence in one case

Magnet GRAYKEY: Lawfully access and extract encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices

Magnet AUTOMATE: Finish investigations faster by automating your workflow

Magnet REVIEW: Analyze digital evidence from your browser

Magnet ATLAS: Organize cases and maintain the chain of custody

Magnet ARTIFACT IQ: Immediately action on data from Magnet GRAYKEY to kickstart your investigations

Magnet DVR Examiner: Streamline Your DVR Video Recovery and Analysis

Magnet OUTRIDER: Quickly and easily preview devices for CSAM and illicit apps