As a forensic analyst I like Belkasoft Evidence Center for its wide support of instant messaging clients and mobile phone artefacts including JTAG dumps.


Belkasoft Evidence Center X

Acquire, examine and analyze evidence from mobile, computer, drones and cloud sources.

Belkasoft Remote Acquisition

Remotely acquire data and evidence from computers and mobile devices around the world.

Belkasoft Triage

Instantly perform effective triage analysis of Windows devices in the field on scene.

Belkasoft Incident Investigations

Identify infiltration points of malicious code and originating attack vectors to harden your cybersecurity.


Combine the power of Belkasoft Evidence Acquisition with Semantics 21 Victim identification.

Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer

A tiny free forensic tool that allows to reliably extract the entire contents of computer’s volatile memory.

Belkasoft X

Сonduct in-depth investigations on all types of data sources, including smartphones, computers, RAM, clouds and drones. Access devices even if they are encrypted with whole-device encryption.

Belkasoft Triage

Quickly identify and obtain specific digital evidence at the scene of an incident within minutes—at no cost!

Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer

Extract the entire contents of a Windows computer’s volatile memory.DOWNLOAD

Irreplaceable tool for digital forensic laboratories of federal law enforcement agencies and state-level police departments.

Be efficient

The amount of digital evidence grows exponentially, while becoming a digital forensic expert takes years. Belkasoft responds to the shortage of resources with comprehensive and robust, but easy-to-use solutions that can be used by both mature experts and young professionals


on correlations, conclusions, and reporting, while leaving the data collection, triage, decryption, and analysis to Belkasoft


the time for analysis with flexible automation settings, by turning off all types of analysis, irrelevant to a particular case


your team’s capacity by automating data processing, and executing multiple cases simultaneously


your team to stay up to date. Trainings, self-paced courses, and webinars available on Belkasoft’s website are designed to guarantee a shallow learning curve for all

Stay up-to-date

Data volume and data source diversity became a real issue for investigators. Belkasoft products are frequently updated to include new versions of devices, operating systems, and applications.

Variety of artifacts and devices
Belkasoft is regularly updated to work efficiently with new devices, data types, cloud services, encryption methods, and popular storage formats appearing on the market. Brief, while you do your investigator’s job, we take care of the rest.

Flexible data storage
Terabytes-sized cases are not an exception anymore. Belkasoft supports integration to your organization’s cloud, so that your IT department could build scalable infrastructure around digital evidence data.

Customizable automation and integration
Belkasoft X comes with embedded automation settings that can be flexibly configured to accelerate the time it takes to resolve cases. Additionally, a command-line configuration tool allows for seamless integration of Belkasoft into your current technology stack and workflow.